Saturday, 28 January 2017

Girls, Get sexy figure in no time

Are you looking for the best lower ab workout for women? Then you have come to the right place. This article will give you some great tips to help you devise a great Workout for yourself and get looking sexy in no time! So, here are these great tips:

The abdominal muscles

If you want your exercises to help you achieve your goals and that too fast, you need to know something about the abdominal muscles. The rectus abdominis are the muscle that gives you the six-pack that everyone desires. It stretches down the stomach from your ribs to the hips. Then there are the external and internal obliques which are located at the sides of the waist and give the necessary stability to your body when you are twisting or bending. The transversus abdominis is the innermost layer of the abdominal muscles and is the most neglected, but the most important ab muscle.

The most effective abdominal exercises

The best lower ab workout for women should involve high-intensity muscular overload and progressively increasing intensity. Besides this, you cannot ignore your back while devising your workout. Your program should include exercises that reduce the chances of back injury and at the same time give you perfectly toned up stomach muscles.

The exercises

The best ab exercises are all about intensity and not about repetitions. To achieve the best results they should be done slowly and they should never lead to pain or extreme discomfort. Pelvic tilts, belly breathing, single knee raises, and crunches are some of the most popular exercises that can tone up the lower abs. Most of these exercises are performed on the floor, however, you can also use a stability ball or chair while performing them.

Your abdominal workout should exercise all the muscles of your body. But the best lower ab workout for women is the one that includes exercises that specifically target the lower abdominal. Make sure that you do not ignore your back muscles and the rest of muscles in the abdominal region. With the right exercise program, you can get back to looking your former sexy self in no time!
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